Most Creepy and Beautiful House. Witch House in Poland

There is many interesting and mysterious houses in the world, bellow one of them, A very interesting house in poland, it looks like the houses of witches and charlatans in the movies, but its real.
  • Witch House
in Wooden cottage, Tatra mountains, poland.

This is a building that was built by architect Sebastian Piton in Poland.

Piton talked about his unique architectural style in an interview with Fachowy Dekarz & Cieśla.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview (Translated to English):

"I was inspired by the works of the Catalan architect Antoni Guadi. I believe architecture was at its peak while it was operating. Currently, mainly buildings are erected to be useful. They lack harmony, beauty or imagination. The entire development of architecture, which lasted several thousand years, was abandoned. And people want beautiful architecture. This is evidenced by the fact that they visit the old parts of the city, not modern office buildings."

Source : Snopes

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