A Ghost Hand That is a Little Too Sticky

Source : Ohmymag

Old photos from the early days of film photography have always aroused curiosity and fascination among the public. Especially when they are steeped in mystery.
The snapshot you see now is said to have been taken inside a textile factory in Belfast, around 1900.

In this photo, we can clearly see 15 young workers, gently posing for a group photo. A very nice shot therefore, supposed to immortalize these needy young women in their workplace. However, a very disturbing detail appears in the photo, and which makes your blood run cold when you finally understand what it is.

Something wrong with the photo

Take a good look at the second woman in the dark shirt on the far right of the photo! Her name was Ellen Donnelly, and this photo was shared by her baby daughter.

Can't you see the hand holding her on the shoulder? But to whom can she belong, since it is clear that the two women around her have their arms crossed?

And if you scrutinize Ellen's face closely, you'll also see that she has a distant, elusive gaze, while the other 14 workers only had eyes for the photographer's lens.

This shot, made famous by this ghost hand that is a little too sticky, has not yet been explained. Especially since all the photography experts who analyzed it, could not determine the slightest trick.

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