A Voodoo Doll with Human Teeth Found in Florida Beach

Source : preuvesduparanormal

While on a Florida beach, Bruce Robertson stumbled upon a mysterious and disturbing object thrown into the sand. Upon examining it, he realizes that it is a six-legged doll, made of reptile skin, coconut, and containing feathers.
But that's not all, this creepy figurine had human teeth. People on the beach advised her to throw it out, as the find looked like a bewitched voodoo doll.He still goes back to get the doll

In fact, Bruce takes the advice and gets rid of this disturbing object. Something he will regret later, because this doll, while horrible, may not have been designed with malicious intent.

Source : preuvesduparanormal

Yes, a voodoo doll is not necessarily a sign of black magic or evil rite. Since voodoo dolls can be meant to heal, to make people happy, good or fertile.

This doll turned out to represent an African deity, which is shaped like a spider with a human face. In addition, she is believed to bring wisdom to the world. So it was not an evil object, but a lucky charm!

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