The Disturbing Photo of The Cooper Family

Source : phenixphotos

The Cooper family ghost photo was undoubtedly one of the strangest family shots. Also among the most terrifying in the history of film photography. Appeared in 2009 on English-language web forums, the photo quickly went around the world. It aroused amazement and astonishment among Internet users.
Indeed, photography, supposed to represent the happy and smiling members of the same family, very quickly turned into a nightmare when it was developed.

Because alongside the two happy women and their children, we can clearly see a corpse with a blackened face. The latter hung from the ceiling, head upside down, his arms dangling to the floor.

The mystery of the photo is finally revealed

Source : Anomalyinfo

Therefore, they decided to take this mysterious photo to celebrate the event. Insofar as this photograph has been posted anonymously on the internet. It was very difficult to find an explanation.

It was not until 2015 that an Internet user with the nickname "Robert C" lifted the veil on this mysterious affair. Thus, he presented formal proofs on the Metabunk forum. He reveals he was one of the boys in the photo. And that this whole ghost thing was nothing short of a hoax.

In truth, the original of this shot had been thrown away by his mother, one of the two women who actually appeared in it. And some bad guy found it and tricked it. This is done by incorporating the corpse into it, and also making it look like an old photograph.

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