The Mysterious Doors That No One Can Open

There are some very mysterious doors. These have never been opened either because you don't want to or because it's downright impossible! We have to believe that during certain times we managed to close the doors perfectly to the point that no one could ever open them again. 

However, there is probably a very good reason why those doors were sealed. If you want to discover the mysterious doors that no one can open, then sit down.

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He was born in 259 BC and died in 210 BC. Qin Shi Huang is the son of one of the kings of the six independent kingdoms. These kingdoms had been at war for 200 years.

Qin Shi Huang successfully conquered other kingdoms and proclaimed himself Emperor of United China. During the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, China experienced its heyday.

During his lifetime, the emperor known to be cruel and authoritarian ordered the construction of his mausoleum. He wished he was the greatest the world had ever known.

A construction that lasted 36 years In fact, the mausoleum is the size of a city and is made up of underground caves. these contain the items the Emperor needed for his life in the Hereafter. Thus, the construction of his mausoleum took 36 years and 720,000 workers had to participate.

The reason for all this? The quest for immortality. Currently, around the mausoleum archaeologists have found terracotta warriors and horses, as if to protect the home of the great emperor.

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Moreover, inside the mausoleum, where the coffin of Emperor Qin Shi Huang is located, the Chinese authorities are banning excavation. This means that no one has ever entered the Emperor's tomb since the day he was buried.

There are several reasons behind this ban. First of all, access to the tomb does not depend solely on the Chinese government, as many archaeologists firmly believe that there are many traps and bombs awaiting those who enter the door of the emperor's tomb.

So it was for safety's sake that no one ventured to disturb Qin Shi Huang's eternal rest. And that's not the only reason: scientists currently lack the capacity to excavate the tomb properly.

It still remains intact

During the first phase of excavation in the 1970s, clay soldiers found in contact with air instantly lost their pigment.

As a result, the mausoleum remains intact in the hope that one day a way will be found to open the tomb while ensuring that the treasures will not be damaged ... then, perhaps the mausoleum will open one day. day, who knows?
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It is the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal in the 17th century. It is well known that the purpose of the construction of this incredible monument was to celebrate the memory of the emperor's wife, the beautiful Mumtaz Mahal, or in French "Bijou du palais".

This young woman died giving birth to her fourteenth child. Yes, yes you heard that right! She has given birth fourteen times! But the last one was fatal to him ...

The symbol of eternal love

Legend has it that Shah Jahan, her husband, was so unhappy that he allegedly had the architect's fiancée killed. The latter had brought him from Persia, so that he could understand his pain. Also to build a monument whose beauty would be equal to the depth of his sorrow.

A very sad story, certainly, but one which ended up making the Taj Mahal the symbol of eternal love. However, what few people know is that in the basement of this monument are hiding 22 chambers sealed forever.

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Not because you don't know how to open them, maybe if you did, but because they must remain hidden, and if possible, forgotten forever. All these rooms have to hide certain things… And things that we should not know!

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