The Mystery of The White Lady

Source : Findery

Usually, ghost and Poltergeist stories are meant to be spooky, but some of them thankfully have a Hollywood-style happy ending.
This is the case of the White Lady of the Church of Worstead and the incredible shot of Diane Berthelot, who immortalized this strange apparition forever.

Suffering from severe pain after the removal of her gallbladder in 1975, Diane and her husband Peter decided to take a vacation to Norfolk County, England.

So fast healing
Arrived there, the couple accompanied by their son went to visit the local church, and Diane, feeling tired, sat down on a bench to rest.

It was at this precise moment that Peter, her loving husband, decided to take a picture of her for vacation memories. Strangely, Diane felt much better, as if she had never even been sick.

But, it did not occur to him at all that his recovery was related to the church, or some improbable miracle that took place there.

A strange discovery
It wasn't until six months later, when the vacation photos were developed, that the Berthelot family discovered the incredible truth.

Indeed, in the photograph taken in church, the silhouette of a woman haloed in light and wearing clothes from another era, appeared seated on a bench just behind Diane.

Asked about the subject by the family, the vicar of the church then disclosed to them the legend of the White Lady, known to be a healer, and sometimes appearing to the sick to relieve them of their ordeals.

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