United States: Pentagon Creates UFO Study Unit

The Pentagon has created a unit to formally study unidentified flying objects. Entrusted to the US Navy, this unit aims to "detect" these phenomena which could represent a threat to American security.

UFOs, often associated with little green men, are of great concern to the US military because they fear that it is in fact a form of aerial espionage, especially using drones.

Pentagon creates UFO study unit

Source : Lapresse

The Pentagon decided to create a unit on Friday August 14 to study UFOs and other unexplained "aerial phenomena". And this is not without reason!

If UFOs fascinate as much as they frighten, they have also been the subject of numerous studies for several years, in particular by the US Navy to which, moreover, was entrusted this cell.

Understanding the origin of these phenomena

However, this decision, approved on August 4, comes mainly to "better understand and better understand the nature and origin" of these unidentified aerial phenomena, according to the spokeswoman for the US Department of Defense, Susan Gough.

Consequently, this unit will be tasked with detecting, analyzing and cataloging these unidentified aerial phenomena. Why ? Well, the reason is, they could pose a threat to the national security of the United States.
Pentagon: are UFOs spies?

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Indeed, for the US military, UFOs have nothing to do with little green men, as many people might think. Far from there !

Rather, they fear that these are new forms of aerial espionage, notably using drones and other airborne means.

China's espionage capabilities

Washington is particularly worried about China's spying capabilities. As a result, the UFO research unit is, to say the least, crucial for the United States.

In this regard, the spokesperson stressed that the Pentagon "takes very seriously any incursion of unauthorized aircraft into our training centers or into our airspace, and examines every report" on it.

Pentagon: are UFOs a real threat?

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Thus, the results from studies of this new cell should probably be classified. Unless Congress asks the Pentagon to share its findings.

This is not unlikely given that in late April last year, the Pentagon released three videos filmed by US Navy pilots in November 2004 and January 2015.

The videos in question show silhouettes with indefinable shapes that fly, before mysteriously disappearing, under the dumbfounded gaze of the pilots. This is a curiosity that has not failed to attract the attention of many people.

UFO studies: images raise questions

Certainly, these images only heightened the interest in UFOs while raising several questions. And for good reason ! The question of UFOs is still very lunar for most people.

So was it drones? In any case, one of the pilots even wondered! Either way, this new unit created by the Pentagon to conduct UFO studies should provide more answers.

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