Weird Thing Caught on Surveillance Camera : Dobby the elf

When you witness a strange event, telling it is one thing, but showing it in pictures is another! It's even much better! This is why sometimes the images captured by surveillance cameras can be very useful to us. And to support this truth.

  • Dobby the elf in the street, this is a weird video!

Source: Youtube

Watch out, this is the strangest thing you are going to see in your life. The surveillance camera at this La Junta, Colorado home captured something magical.

At night, a skinny creature with pointy ears, strangely resembling Dobby the house elf that can be found in the Harry Potter books or films, appears to come out of the house and walk away.

Source: DailyMail

The tiny figure flaps its arms before walking in front of the car. The video ends just after the "elf" has passed, without enough evidence to explain the mystery. And I who did not believe at all in magic and fairy tales ...

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