What NASA Confirms About Aliens

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What if aliens lived on Mars ?! In any case, that's what the appearance of a few artifacts on NASA images suggests. These traces of life could represent irrefutable proof of the presence of extraterrestrials ... if only NASA would confirm it.
Because, well, these are just the conclusions advanced by theorists who claim that aliens exist. It was the images of strange rods on the Red Planet - rocks, probably - that prompted a multitude of questions about their true origin.

Traces of extraterrestrial life

Crystals, fossils linked to animals,… But of course, it's not just these artefacts that arouse curiosity. Indeed, other elements have already attracted the attention of researchers of Martian life.

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Remember, for example, the story of this mysterious luminous point seen on Mars, in a photo taken by the robot Curiosity. This light had fueled the hypotheses of extraterrestrial life, but NASA had refuted this by claiming that this bright spot could only be a reflection of sunlight.

An explanation that would be likely, according to the space agency. So there would be no sign of Martian life, however, other found objects have made the talk again! Are these really traces of extraterrestrial life, or are they just illusions?

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