How to Astral Projection : Step by Step


First of all, you should be aware that there are hundreds of different astral projection techniques.

Some are safe while others can be extremely dangerous. It goes without saying that we wholeheartedly advise against trying your hand at seconds.

Plus, because every human being is unique, a technique that works for your neighbor may well be totally ineffective for you, and vice versa.

Once you have this in mind, you will be able to ask yourself how to do an astral projection… and you are interested in the three techniques that we have found for you.


This technique of astral projection is widely recognized as one of the most effective.

Basically, you have to imagine an invisible rope hanging from your ceiling (or the moon if you sleep under the stars).

Concretely, this cord will be used to exert a "psychic" tension in a single point of your astral body, and this to make it separate from your physical body.

Anyway, imagine yourself holding this rope in your hands and pulling on it, much like climbing a rope in a gym.

If you feel dizzy or lofty during the exercise, it means it is working.

Then continue and you will start to feel the strange sensation of moving while being paralyzed (this sensation is really hard to describe).

As you continue with the experiment, you should normally find yourself in a state of astral projection.


Lucid dreams are dreams in which you are aware that you are sleeping.

In this sense, a person in a state of lucid dreaming is already in a plane of reality external to that in which his physical body is located.

It is precisely from this fact that this technique of astral projection will start.

Often, it is (very) difficult to achieve a state of complete lucidity in a dream. We are somehow aware of being in a daze but do not control everything, we both feel we are in our dream world while knowing we are in our bed ...

In short, it will undoubtedly take years of practice for you to achieve a perfect lucid dreaming state.

There is a technique to counteract this, however.

If you include rituals in your waking moments, your subconscious will "get into the habit" of doing them ... and you will even do them in a dream.

So if you get into the habit of imagining yourself in your bedroom several times a day, you will also think about it in a dream, which will make you see your "you" asleep in bed.

Once this is achieved, you are officially in the state of astral projection.


Dr. Robert Monroe is one of the foremost scholars of all time in the field of astral projection.

During his research on how to make an astral projection, he was able to devise an original technique.

The first step is to relax your body. There are many ways to relax that you can easily find on the net.

We wrote a book here that teaches you how to deal with your emotions through visualization.

In addition, here is a list of other techniques that may also be of interest.

In short, once you are really calm, you should try to fall asleep… but not quite either.

It is quite difficult to find the right time and it often takes several attempts to get there.

You then need to "clear your mind", chasing intrusive thoughts.

If you can manage to stay in a state of calm and serenity long enough, then you can try to "throw vibrations into your body."

Be careful, this is not about activating your muscles but rather imagining energetic vibrations emanating from your interior.

After a while, you should have a fairly powerful astral projection experience.


I also tried my hand at an astral projection technique… which I will now give you a feedback on.

I started with about ten minutes of fairly light relaxation.

I had put on a loose fitting outfit and was comfortably seated in my chair, trying not to put pressure on myself.

After all, if the attempt failed, it wasn't the end of the world.

When I felt my mind was relatively calm, I lay down and closed my eyes.

I then took a few minutes to focus on my breathing and try to relax every part of my body, every muscle one after the other.

From head to toe, and from head to toe to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything, I made sure, my mind still calm, that I was relaxed.

I don't know exactly how long this process lasted, but I didn't have to look for deeper relaxation to start seeing unsettling things.

Suddenly I started to feel a kind of all-encompassing light and then, after a few moments, felt a kind of paralysis, or rather a deep numbness in my body.

It was then that I felt a part of me "pulled" out of my body.

Seized by a feeling of fear, I moved and came out of this second state of consciousness.

So the experience for me was half a failure, although it still confirmed the possibility (more than likely) that, yes, exiting the body could be a reality.

This testimony on astral projection is worth what it is worth, at least I hope it will have been able to capture my point.


That's right, there can be some frightening aspects associated with astral projections. We must be aware of the risks and, on the contrary, of the legends and superstitions that are unfounded.

First of all, the very principle of exiting the body is frightening in itself.

When we leave our physical body, we feel a sensation of movement and can see lights of all colors passing before our eyes.

This phenomenon is also one of the main reasons why you should never attempt astral projection under the influence of alcohol or drugs (especially psychotropic hallucinogens). This type of product could indeed increase these “undesirable” effects.

In short, with this kind of mystical experience more than with any other, you will need to be well informed of what is going to happen to avoid getting scared.

Another fear that is talked about a lot about exiting experiences is the fear of getting lost.

A successful astral journey will indeed make you visit unknown places, meet new people and entities and, quite simply, make you discover new things.

In some people, this can cause a fear of not being able to go “home” (in his house but also in his body).

Rest assured: Unless you want to, it is not possible to be trapped outside of your physical body.

Ultimate fear, but understandable fear: some people dread death during their exiting experiences.

Again, rest assured.

Throughout your journey, you are actually “hooked up” to your body through what is called the silver cord, a kind of energetic bond that keeps you connected.

On the other hand, it is clear, you should never let anyone cut your silver cord during your travels and journeys!


We couldn't describe to you how to do an astral projection without warning you.

Some people describe astral projections as fun ways to travel and have new experiences, it's true ...

However, it is not difficult to find evidence of astral projection where the person finds himself traumatized for life by experiences that have gone wrong.

Indeed, all of this can be the cause of intense stress including states of mental confusion, spiritual distress and even dissociation.

We can even imagine that the most "serious" cases are no longer even there to tell us about it ...

In particular, some people claim that your consciousness may not be able to re-enter your body, leaving you trapped outside.

Other people say that the astral planes we walk on are the playgrounds of terrible demons.

By cunning, deception and by playing on our lowest instincts, they could therefore push us to do things that are bad for us, suck up our life energy or even take possession of our body or our soul.

Source : la-porte-du-bonheur

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