The Amityville Horror and The Ghost of The Boy "John Matthew DeFeo"

 “The Amityville Horror” is one of the most famous haunted house cases in American history. Speculation about the validity of the haunt makes believers and skeptics alike wonder if George and Kathy Lutz made it all up. Famous demonologist Lorraine Warren also got involved in the investigation and concluded that the haunting was very real and that the house was home to malicious forces and should be avoided.

In 1976, a paranormal investigation was carried out inside the house where an infrared camera was placed on the second floor landing. The camera was on a timer and was taking pictures periodically at certain times of the night. During the development of the film, the image below was discovered and the mystery of the Amityville house continued. There were no children present in the house that night. Eyes look "bright", maybe from a flash, but using infrared film, are you using flash? Also remember that this photo was taken in 1976, long before Photoshop and photo editing software:

In the photo, it appears that a little boy is looking at his head out of the room and in the direction of the camera. Some speculate that if she's a ghost, it's the mind of John Matthew DeFeo; victim of his brother Ronald Jr., who had a shooting in 1972, killing all his family while they slept. The Lutz family moved in 13 months later.

Skeptics believe the photo actually shows Paul Bartz, an investigator who was there that evening. Bartz was wearing a shirt similar to the one the boy is wearing in the photo. For this to be true, Bartz would have had to be kneeling or squatting because the ominous face height from the door and the ramp would make the entity about 4 feet tall. Bartz is also not wearing glasses in the photo below, nor his shirt, although a close pattern appears to be in contrast to that of the 'ghost child'. Bartz has never confirmed or denied that the camera is focused on him.

is that the person in the photo?

The whole story was a media masterpiece, generating fame for everyone involved. Jay Ansen wrote a very liberal book on the haunting that made its way to Hollywood producers and eventually a hit movie of the same name in 1979, starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder.

No matter what you believe, The Amityville Horror is one of the most famous cases of demonic haunting in America. The photo only helps to get what believers think and what skeptics already know. Maybe we'll never really understand what happened in this house, but 112 Ocean Ave will certainly continue to live on in the history of paranormal investigations.

Source : iHorror

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