The History of the gardens of Bomarzo

 These Renaissance gardens of incredible extravagance can be visited 100 kilometers north of Rome. The experience is unprecedented, as fun as it is terrifying (a little).

Province of Viterbo, Bomarzo, ancient heart of Etruscan civilization. We imagine a little corner of the Italian countryside without history. Except that Pier Francesco Orsini lived there. There he left astonishing gardens, created from 1550, below his castle. To get in, you have to go through the ogre's mouth! As for the sculptures, it's up to you to judge: Cerberus, the three-headed dog, guardian of the gate of hell, harpy with lion's legs and mermaid's tail, dragon attacked by a lion and a lioness, head of Proteus emerging from the ground, sphinx , Heracles quartering Cacus, etc. During the visit, one monstrous creature chasing the other, we are never at the end of our troubles. There are about thirty of them, carved in volcanic rock. You can also see a mausoleum, a small open-air theater, the Leaning House and The Temple of Eternity.

A visit to the gardens of Bomarzo, a source of inspiration

This Renaissance park has inspired artists of all stripes. Cinema, literature, music, the major arts have helped to extend the reputation of the gardens of Bomarzo. The filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni made a documentary, La Villa dei Monstri, in 1950, the artist Niki de Saint Phalle reflected on it in his Garden of Tarots, in Capalbio, in Tuscany, and Alberto Ginastera wrote a cantata and an opera, Bomarzo, created in Washington in 1967.

The gardens of Bomarzo remained abandoned for several centuries then rediscovered and restored in the 20th century. To date, no one has succeeded in unraveling the secret of the enigma of this place, probably the most incredible of the Italian Renaissance. So, the opportunity to visit such an amazing place will not come soon.

Source : destinationrome

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