The Mystery of The Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

Ironically called "Castle of Good Hope"

Good Hope is nevertheless a place with a bloody past. Built by the Dutch in the 17th century, the castle at the time served as a colonial trading post and was, as such, mainly occupied by administrators and soldiers. While the fortification was known in the region for the sumptuous balls that were given there.

In the basement, in a dungeon nicknamed the "black hole", prisoners were subjected to torture, and sometimes ended up drowned in their cells during floods that frequently took place in the building. Even today, the guardians of the site claim to have experienced supernatural appearances: footsteps, ghosts reliving the little hops of the past in the ballroom ...

It is also said that the ghost of a guardian committed suicide by hanging from the top of the steeple would haunt the place. At night, residents of the neighborhood would often hear him ring the bell - a bell that was sealed in the 18th century.

Source : Jezzthedj

It is also said that one can cross paths with the spirit of the tyrannical governor Pieter Gijsbert van Noodt, who raged in the castle in the 1700s. One day, Noodt would have intervened in the trial of a deserter to insist that the latter be condemned to death. One of his soldiers, eager for a little justice, insisted that the governor witness the execution he had ordered, but Noodt flatly refused. Legend has it that the soldier thus cast a spell on the governor, who was found dead the very evening of the unfortunate's hanging at his desk, an expression of terror on his lifeless face. After that, no one wanted to bury Peiter van Noodt in consecrated ground, so he was buried in an unmarked grave, and his spirit would appear from time to time, doomed to wander the fortress forever.

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