What is Astral Projection ?

Astral travel, out of the body experiment (English speakers speak of "out of the body experiment"), dissociation, doubling or astral projection (this is the term we will use in this article), call it what you want.

This phenomenon can be seen as a kind of sleep, a detachment of soul and body or a particular type of lucid dreaming.

As so often when it comes to spiritual matters, it can be difficult to put words into words on this reality, which millions of people around the world have experienced in the same way.

All those who have lived it will indeed have a testimony of the astral projection very different.

Some will tell you about a feeling of coming out of their body, as if their mind is floating above their bed.

Others speak of some kind of explosion inside their head that precedes a blast, a kind of catapult.

There are even some who see it as a dream, a kind of dream where their unconscious literally maps their environment to make them move in a purely dreamlike world.

In short, the subject of astral projection divides and gives rise to debate.

In this article, we will first try to explain in more detail what this phenomenon is.

We will then see how to make a successful astral projection via three simple techniques, to end with a little personal testimony.

Here we go !


First of all, let us specify that a projection can be induced by conscious techniques, but also occur in a perfectly involuntary way.

We could take as an example some cases of near-death experience.

Trauma, disease or the deprivation of water and food (as in the case of certain Amerindian rituals) can be the cause of astral projections.

All of this has led the scientific community to consider this phenomenon as the brain manifestation of a survival reflex.

When the brain feels like it's dying, it releases huge amounts of hormones that could apparently cause this to happen.

This explanation seems to us very simplistic, and disregards any notion of spirituality.

If we consider that a soul exists in man, then we understand that, yes, astral projection can be a reality in that it corresponds to a detachment between soul and body.

Whether this experience is caused by a state close to death, by taking psychotropic drugs or by certain “extreme” meditation and relaxation techniques does not ultimately change the principle!

Most often, the astral projection is thus defined as being "the fact of detaching oneself from the body and to observe it in a conscious way".

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