A Gorilla Saves a Child who fell in The Enclosure and waiting for help to arrive

Face to face with a wild animal can have a tragic end, but sometimes it just ends in a fantastic way! Animals are able to display a tenderness and kindness that even some humans lack. The case of this Western Plains gorilla and a 3-year-old boy is a touching proof of this.

In 1996, the young boy fell 6 meters and landed in the animal's enclosure at Brookfield Zoo in Illinois, USA, also known as Chicago. Zoological Society. The child had indeed moved away from his parents and climbed over the barrier of the gorilla enclosure. Terrified passers-by and zoo staff alike expected the worst, until the gentle giant picked up the child and kept him safe in a corner of his enclosure.

A witness was able to film the accident, revealing all the magic of the scene. The gorilla, an 8-year-old female named Binti Jua, is also seen there with her own 17-month-old cub climbing on her back. This explains her maternal and protective attitude towards a young human being. Six other gorillas were also in the pit, and who knows then what would have happened if Binti Jua had not intervened first. Zookeepers who witnessed the incredible scene say they will never forget it.

The identity of the boy and his mother has not been released, but it has been said that the child did not suffer any serious injury, apart from a few scratches and a broken hand.

Female gorillas are known for their powerful maternal instincts ; indeed, they have never been observed neglecting their offspring.

Having said that, don't get me wrong; he is one of the most powerful animals in the world, and he will not hesitate to defend himself in the event of imminent threat or danger.

If you plan to take your kids to the zoo on a weekend, make sure you never lose sight of them and don't leave them wandering the park alleys alone. Educate them about nature, its potential dangers and the importance of respecting animals.

Source : Fabiosa

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