An author announced the sinking of the Titanic before that happens

 Years before the sinking of the Titanic on the night of April 14-15, 1912, A work of fiction said to have predicted the tragedy. At least some details bear disturbing resemblances to the course of events. So, sad coincidences or disasters foretold?

In 1898, the American writer Morgan Robertson wrote The Wreck of the Titan: Or, Futility (Le naufrage du Titan, published in French by Corsaire Éditions). And this time around, the similarities between fact and fiction are even more disturbing.

The author unveils the history of the liner called the Titan, the largest ship of its time. The latter will sink in the North Atlantic ... after hitting an iceberg. This shipwreck will be a real tragedy as, with the shortage of lifeboats, many passengers die.

In his analysis for Business Insider, History graduate Áine Cain adds, “Actually, the size and length of the two ships are quite close, as is the speed at which they hit the iceberg. Both liners also have a dangerous shortage of lifeboats. In the story, the Titan is dubbed “unsinkable,” and wrecked on a cold April night. "

Although it had little success upon its release, the book was republished after the sinking of the Titanic. When one attributes to its author qualities of diviner, the latter simply states: "I know what I'm talking about, that's all. While some are content to explain such similarities by Robertson's expertise in maritime knowledge, others still see it as a troubling prediction of the tragedy to come fourteen years later.

Source : actualitte

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