Bloody Mary, The Legend

The legend of Bloody Mary is that when you are in a dark room, in front of a candlelit mirror and say "Bloody Mary" thirteen times in a row, a bloody woman's face makes its mark. appearance in the mirror to sometimes attack those who called him.

Bloody Mary Several different ways to summon this mysterious woman seem to exist. The most popular way is still the following. Lock yourself in a bathroom with a large mirror, turn off the lights to find yourself in complete darkness and light two candles that will be placed on each side of the mirror.

Gaze into the mirror very carefully, directly towards your own reflection. Then start to pronounce in a very low and very soft voice, even almost inviting, the name of "Bloody Mary" then start to turn on yourself. As you continue to turn, say the name of the spirit louder and louder, almost as in a song, so that the thirteenth time, you implore it, almost shouting. With each turn on yourself, stare at the mirror in passing. In the thirteenth round, your reflection will now be that of the Bloody Madonna.

Who is Bloody Mary?

Legend of Bloody Mary As they say, she's really scary; his face is covered with blood and his hands are trying to take you. For some believers, this woman just wants to scare you by leaping forward, towards you. Others claim that the Bloody Virgo literally attacks you, leaving you too bleeding if you fail to escape.

This legend was taken so seriously that in 1978, in the United States, folklorist Janet Langlois decided to write an essay on this story. It is still used in some university courses on urban legends in America.

The horror film "CANDYMAN" is also based on this essay.

Another belief, adapted for the bravest, is that of provoking the appearance of Bloody Mary by adding to her name the following sentence: "Bloody Mary, I killed your baby!" (Bloody Virgin, I killed your child). However, it is said that such an invocation provokes an immediate attack on the entity. A savage and merciless attack.

Many believe that Bloody Mary is the Virgin Mary in person who has come to warn you not to play with her name, nor the name of her Son, Jesus. Others say that she would be a witch once burned alive by the inhabitants of her village for witchcraft and that whoever invokes her name in vain will be struck by the curse with which she threatened those who burned her. A minority say it was the spirit of a woman who died with her son in an auto accident when the car caught fire, leaving the mother and the little one lifeless.

The lady decided to live in mirrors forever, to take revenge on those who killed her child.

So many stories, which one to believe?

The Urban legend, its origin

The legend of Bloody Mary is interesting in several ways: it brings together the best ingredients to be an urban legend.

First, its origin is unclear, and there are several ways to invoke the entity for different results. Without a solid foundation or historical anchoring, it can happily be distorted, modified, lightened or on the contrary enriched with more or less morbid details. It is therefore built according to the people who talk about it, especially on the Internet but always with the same basis.

This base is very simple, it consists of elements that are easily found in Western folklore (in the broad sense of the term):

- At night, darkness, more conducive to apparitions than day

- Candles, an essential accessory in most magical rituals

- The mirror, perceived as a door, a passage to the spirit world

Bloody Mary Legend As for the supposed appearance of Bloody Mary, one can make a rational hypothesis.

Standing in the dark, lit only by candles, alone with its own reflection places the summoner in a "tense" atmosphere. The changing shadows in a subdued light due to the candles add to this rather dark atmosphere. In addition, repeating the same name several times at different rhythms alters breathing, not to mention spinning around which makes you dizzy.

We can assume that at the end of such a ritual, the most impressionable people can see their reflection distorted in the mirror but in confusion the appearance of a third person.

Added to all this are little anecdotes (the veracity of which has not been proven) that make the ritual even more terrifying.

We thus find the story of a girl who would have said at the end of the ritual "Bloody Mary, I do not believe in you" and who would have had her hip broken when leaving the bathroom, another would have remained traumatized by psychiatric hospital or the story of an old woman who allegedly claimed that the ritual did not work before being found stabbed the next day.

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