Dr. Eben Alexander Talks about His Near-Death Experience

The Near-death experience of a surgeon

Is there life after death? Or more exactly between life and death? A question that no one can answer with certainty, unless they speak of their faith. A neurosurgeon tries the adventure and answers yes, he who was in a coma for several days, four years ago.

Eben Alexander tells in a book, which will be released at the end of October, what he lived. And excerpts from his "Proof from Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey in the Afterlife" were posted on the "Newsweek" newspaper website.

This surgeon fell into a coma following fairly severe bacterial meningitis. The black hole ? Not exactly. His "mind" was perfectly "alive". He remembers having "woken up" and having seen strange lights, a bit supernatural, as well as "transparent" and "happy" beings. Before an incredible meeting, confides this "practicing Christian" according to his own term. A woman, completely different from what he had seen on Earth, came to reassure him: "You have nothing to fear. You are loved for eternity". They are both found on a butterfly wing. The woman then explains to him that they will show him lots of things, before he can "come back". where ? On earth.

Source: Actu Orange, Express.co.uk

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