In England, a woman accused her neighbor of having released a ghost at her home

In a bizarre story in England, police were forced to briefly transform into ghost hunters after receiving a call from a woman who accused her neighbor of sending a sinister spirit home.

The strange incident happened around midnight on Friday in the community of Haywards Heath when a resident dialed 999, the UK equivalent of 17 (Editor's note: 911), with a rather bizarre complaint. According to Darren Taylor of Mid-Sussex Police, a worried woman called the emergency number to report that "her neighbor had brought a ghost into her house to haunt her."

Unfortunately for the woman who thought she was the target of a supernatural attack, it seems like little was done by the police. Instead, they simply provided “a few reassuring words”, presumably suggesting that his house was not infested with a sinister spirit, and offered a few “words of advice” when it comes to what needs a job. emergency call to the police. “We get all kinds of weird and wonderful calls to 999,” Taylor said of the incident, “but people need to be aware that when they call the emergency number they are blocking out people who are in a real emergency to pass. ”

Source: Le nouvel ordre mondial

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