Latest discoveries related to Giants

Ancient history and legends, attest to the fact that in the past the GIANTS were on the earth (men of impressive dimensions, volume and height!).

Here are some of the discoveries that have recently been reported:

- Discovery of a giant skeleton in a province in the north of the Philippines measuring more than 5.18 meters.

- Discovery in Southeast China of bones belonging to other humans having a size of more than three meters.

- Dr. C.N. Dougherty has irrefutably demonstrated that in the Valley of the Giants, Texas, hundreds of tracks of saurians of different species have been found, and in each case these tracks were accompanied by giant tracks of human footsteps.

- Dr Rex Gilroy (Australian archaeologist and director of the Mount York Natural History Museum), very recently discovered in Mount Victoria various fossil prints of giant feet whose authenticity cannot be doubted.

Louis Burkhater was a great doctor who once represented France at congresses concerning the history of prehistory. The latter wrote in 1950:

"We will clearly show that the existence of a gigantic race of men in the Acheulean period must be considered from now on as scientifically proven".

Source : mysteredumonde

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