Linda Blair and The Curse of The Exorcist

The actress who played one of the main characters in one of the scariest horror movies of all time was interviewed to discuss why this feature film was one of the most cursed in all the time.

We're talking about Linda Blair, who played the possessed girl Regan MacNeil in "The Exorcist." She was interviewed by E! True Hollywood Story about the injuries she sustained while filming as well as the strange happenings on set. The actress had indeed fractured her lower back while doing her terrifying contortions before a mysterious fire burned the entire set… except the bedroom where the demonic possession of the character played by Blair was shown. Coincidence or curse?

Horror film expert Kalyn Corrigan also interviewed by E !, explains:

“It’s strange that in films about the occult, there are events that are unexplained to the cast and crew. Linda Blair has experienced several accidents. "

In addition to Blair, Ellen Burstyn, who plays the role of Regan's mother, also suffered a back injury while doing her own stunt in a scene where her daughter throws her out of bed - an injury so painful that her actual cry has been used in the movie. Burstyn only accepted the role if the director removed a line from her script that said, "I believe in the devil. "

According to various accounts, actor Jack MacGowran, who plays Burke Dennings, who died in the film while keeping Regan, himself died of a flu-related heart attack shortly after filming his scene. Actress Vasiliki Maliaros, who plays Father Karras, died of "natural causes" (aged 89) while the film was still in post-production. Jason Miller, the actor who played father Damien Karras, lost his infant son in a motorcycle accident while filming. Linda Blair's grandfather, actor Max von Sydow's brother, a night watchman, special effects expert and the cameraman's newborn baby are also on the list of those who died during filming.

The theatrical release of "The Exorcist" did not end the curse. Actress Mercedes McCambridge - who gave the demon her terrifying voice by swallowing raw eggs, smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey - became an alcoholic (she ended up getting sober). In 1987, his son, John Lawrence Fifield, murdered his wife and daughters before taking their own life. Paul Bateson, an x-ray technician who played a role in the film, murdered a movie critic and is said to have killed at least six other men.

Would an exorcism have helped to exorcise the curse of "The Exorcist"? Good question. After the mysterious fire and testimonies according to which props moved by themselves on the set, (the telephone handset used in many scenes would have detached itself from its receiver) the Reverend Thomas Bermingham, religious adviser of the film, was invited by director William Friedkin to perform an exorcism. He refused to perform a complete exorcism, contenting himself with blessing the place.

How long will this curse last? The film was released in 1973 and is still a popular horror film, especially around Halloween time. Linda Blair is 60, Ellen Burstyn is 86. At the film's first screening in Rome, a thunderstorm raged outside and lightning knocked down a giant 400-year-old cross on a nearby church.

It seems that as long as people watch The Exorcist, the curse will continue ...

Source : Mysterious Universe, le nouvel ordre mondial

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