Mysterious Man Saves Another Man's life by Touching His Shoulder

The manager of a store was saved by a real "guardian angel". Without this miraculous intervention, the man would most certainly have been seriously injured or even worse.

Serdar Binici’yi, a store manager, was standing outside his workplace when a stranger happened to walk past him before slapping him on the shoulder. This whole incredible scene was filmed by the CCTV system.

When he looked behind him to see who it was, Serdar noticed a white truck heading in his direction.

Then a pivoting metal grill, attached to the rear of the truck, came loose. At that exact moment, she almost hit the man hard, missing him by just a few millimeters.

If this mysterious person hadn't tapped him on the shoulder, he wouldn't have turned around, so he couldn't have seen this piece of metal coming towards him, and inevitable drama would have occurred.

Serdar looks speechless and surprised at what had just happened. He then wanted to find his guardian angel to thank him, but this mysterious figure dressed in black had already disappeared.

This grid could have caused serious injuries and possibly even dragged him down the road without the divine intervention of this mysterious guardian angel.

Serdar was visited by the truck driver who came to his store to apologize.

The video - taken in Turkey's Tellidere Mahallesi district - went viral after it was posted to Reddit on March 5, 2019.

Thousands of people have viewed the video.

One of them commented, “He's a time traveler. "

Another continues, "Woah, that gave me chills." “This man must have felt touched by an angel. "

The identity of this person remains unknown. Was it a deceased relative of the store manager who wanted to warn him of impending danger? That would explain his sudden disappearance. Or perhaps it was a medium capable of reading the future and who had foreseen the misfortune that was to come?

Regardless, this story remains incredible and utterly inexplicable.

Source : dossierparanormal

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