Proof of Time travel? A woman texting on her smartphone on a painting from 1850

The scene features a teenage girl texting or going on social media while walking down the street, but was painted around 1850-1860.

Painted by Austrian artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, "The Expected Person" shows a young man waiting on a country lane holding a pink flower as a girl walks up holding a small rectangular object in her hands.

The time travel scenario was triggered on Twitter by Peter Russell, a retired local government official, in response to a similar image that was posted.

He told Motherboard Vice, “What strikes me the most is how much a technological change has changed the interpretation of painting and, in a way, has benefited its entire context. "

The big change is that by 1850 or 1860 every spectator would have identified the object in which the young girl is absorbed as a hymn or prayer book.

“Today, no one can miss this similarity in the scene with a teenage girl engrossed in social media on her smartphone. "

In reality, the painting shows a young girl holding a hymnbook while walking while her admirer waits for her.

Art expert Gerald Weinpolter said, “The girl in this painting by Waldmüller isn't playing with her new iPhone X, but she's going to church while holding a small prayer book in her hands. "

Source : Le nouvel ordre mondial,

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