The ghost of this girl has been spotted on Google Maps in Mexico

The ghost of a young girl was apparently spotted in a photograph available on Google Maps.

This frightening spirit was photographed in the heart of the city of Delicias, located in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.

Internet users have noticed what appears to be a blonde girl, who looks like a disturbing and disturbing doll, standing right behind a red car.

Zooming in further, the child appears eerily pale and his dark eyes are fixed in the direction of the camera.

The image was shared widely on social media and generated many theories about the possible origin of this young girl.

Some claim that the image offers proof that supernatural beings do exist, but skeptics point to a much simpler and more rational explanation.

They claim it is just a doll or a poster pinned to the door in front of the red car.

Earlier this year, the ghost of a female vampire was reportedly photographed during a police raid on a karaoke club. This image appeared to show an evil spirit possessing the body of a woman.

His eyes appeared to be bright, and the image was then handed over to an expert in paranormal phenomena in the town of Probolinggo, Indonesia.

Ahmad Hasyim believes that this woman was possessed by a mythical jinn - a type of genius - who took the form of a ghost.

The photo sparked so much panic on social media that police were forced to issue a statement.

Source : Daily Star

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