The Mysterious death of Elisa Lam

I have seen a lot of horror movies in my life. Working in the legal field, I have also seen and heard stories showing us that life can be horrifying. However, despite all this, there are still stories that manage to make my arms stand out. Among them is that of Elisa Lam, whose death remains unexplained to this day.

The young Canadian and her fatal journey

Elisa Lam is a young woman of normal appearance, but suffering from several mental disorders. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as schizophrenia, she must take four kinds of medications to keep her balanced and able to function. Although she has mentioned the difficulties of living with her illnesses on her personal blog a few times, her family does not report any suicidal ideation.

In January 2013, Elisa decided to leave British Columbia to go to California. Even though she is pursuing her university studies, Elisa wants to visit the West Coast to take advantage of the winter of this new year and, who knows, maybe visit the finest boutiques in Los Angeles in order to satisfy her passion for fashion.

The 21-year-old travels alone and takes the train and buses to her destination. She posts photos of the places she stops, including images from the San Diego Zoo. Then, arriving in Los Angeles, she rents a room at the Cecil Hotel near downtown.

Although respectable today, the Cecil Hotel has a grim reputation with it. In addition, several Los Angeles murders were committed at or had a connection to this hotel. For example, Elizabeth Short (victim of the notorious Black Dahlia case) is said to have stayed in this hotel before being murdered while serial killers Jack Unterweger and Richard Ramirez slept within these walls as they slaughtered innocent people.

Elisa's disappearance

During her stay in Los Angeles, Elisa contacts her parents every day to give them news. However, on January 31, when she had to leave the Cecil Hotel to go to Santa Cruz, she no longer gave any sign of life. Worried, the Lam contacted the Los Angeles police and went there to help with the search.

Hotel employees mention that Elisa was alone during the day on January 31st. The manager of a local bookstore also claims to have seen her while shopping for gifts for her family and she looked bubbly.

Police search the hotel to the limit of what the law allows and even use dogs to track Elisa's scent, to no avail. Unable to find her, the police publish images of the young woman in the neighborhood as well as on the Internet. The media quickly picked up on the news and urged anyone who saw Elisa to contact the police.

A video that gives shivers down your spine

After a week of fruitless searches, the police decide to publish a video in which Elisa is seen for the very last time. Now, that's when the whole story gets extremely bizarre, if not terrifying. Why ? Watch the video below to understand.

The very strange behavior of the young adult quickly attracts the attention of audiences around the world. Why was she doing this? Could his mental disorders explain his strange actions? Was she being chased by someone who cannot be seen on camera? Or does the explanation lie more in the realm of the paranormal?

Many theories have been put forward to determine the source of Elisa's actions. At the esoteric level, we evoked the idea that the young woman was possessed or that she was playing the "elevator game", which consists of making movements back and forth in an attempt to travel to another dimension. . From a scientific point of view, some have mentioned that Elisa was trying to flee from an unseen attacker on the videotape, possibly because the videotape was edited. Others, including experts, have indicated the possibility that Elisa was using drugs or that she was in a psychotic episode.

Regardless, the broadcast of the video generated tremendous interest and fear among the audience. On the Youku sharing site, it was viewed three million times in just ten days.

Elisa's discovery

Beyond the horror of the video, the police were desperately looking for the one who had been missing for several days. At this point, hotel guests began to complain about the pressure and color of the water in the rooms. A foul odor began to make itself felt as well. You can easily guess the rest.

On February 19, an employee went to the roof where there were four gigantic water tanks. He discovers in one of them the rotten body of Elisa. The tank had to be completely emptied to extract the body. All short-stay guests immediately left the hotel, horrified that they had been able to drink water contaminated by a corpse for two weeks. Nevertheless, tests were carried out and determined that the water had not been altered. The hotel also took many measures before replenishing its facilities with running water.

Autopsy responses

Pathologists Jason Tovar and Yulai Wang autopsied Elisa's body. After four hours of examinations, they determined the cause of death as accidental drowning, most likely caused by Elisa's bipolar disorder. Their report also indicated that the body of the young woman was semi, even three quarters full of water. It was rotten and blistered at the time of discovery, in addition to having a greenish color.

In addition, the autopsy revealed that no sexual assault was committed. In addition, no physical trauma was detected. Medicines were found in Elisa's blood, but no alcohol or recreational drugs. The theory that the young woman had consumed was therefore discredited.

Great mysteries

Even if the autopsy provided answers to Elisa's death, several questions still remain unanswered today. The first is quite simple: how did the body of this young woman end up in the water tank? The doors giving access to the roof of the hotel were closed and only employees could circulate there. There was indeed an emergency staircase, but it was still necessary to know of its existence. On top of that, the tank was very high so that even employees accessing it had to use a ladder. No forced door and no device to climb on the tank were found.

In addition, mysteries remain about the forensic reports that have been produced. Several question their validity, indicating in particular that the absence of drugs in the corpse does not indicate that Elisa did not take any. The drug (s) may have dissolved in the time the body has been floating in the tank.

Also, it was noted that the autopsy report mentioned that the death was accidental before, three days later, it was changed to "undetermined". Strange that the doctors thus modified their conclusion. Finally, traces of blood were observed in the anus of the young woman. While some believe it is a sign of sexual assault, a pathologist said this blood could also result from the decomposition of the body.

In short, the death of Elisa Lam remains a big question mark. What happened in January 2013 at the Cecil Hotel? What does this terrifying video of the young woman's last moments really show? How could his body end up in a place so inaccessible to ordinary people? So many questions still remain to be clarified and one can wonder if, one day, the mystery will be solved.

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