The mystery of The Devil's Footprint

This day remains etched in the memory of the inhabitants of the many small villages of the Devon region!

February 8, 1855! The winter of 1855 was severe in England, so much so that snow covered even the county of Cornwall, in the west of the country! On the morning of February 8, the inhabitants of the Devonshire region bordering the Exe estuary discovered, with amazement and concern, long lines of footprints in the shape of a small horse's hoof!

Very quickly, these mysterious footprints of an unknown beast are nicknamed "The Devil's Footprint"!

That morning, they discovered countless mysterious footprints in the snow! The enigmatic track circled 18 villages and spanned more than 160 kilometers!

it was because the hoof tracks were aligned in a straight line, as if the creature that had left them behind had only one leg, or was walking leaping one foot in front of the other! The tracks were 7 cm wide and 10 cm long! The prints were repeated at regular intervals and left no snow residue around, as if the snow had been removed or had melted! In some places the traces were so clear that one might have thought that they had been printed or even cut with a knife!

But what was going to be more frightening still, is what they were going to discover by following in the footsteps!

The mysterious creature had walked on walls, jumped over houses and cruised through walls or walked over carts full of hay! The height was reached when it was discovered inside a drainage nozzle 15 centimeters in diameter, entering and exiting on the other side as if the obstacle had not existed ... The tracks crossed a estuary and also crossed paths in some places, making it almost impossible to know what this curious creature was looking for!

Moreover, we must not forget that to complicate the whole story, the witnesses all declared that the tracks did not seem to have been made by compression, but rather as if the snow had been removed!

The hypotheses were very numerous, some believed in a species of reptile, a bustard or even a kangaroo, but none of these explanations holds water! Especially since the distance traveled is really too great for a man to cover it in a single night and no one is able to jump over walls or follow the curious path that the beast had taken!

Source : hunters-of-paranormal

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