The “Red Lady”, a wandering ghost woman spotted on several isolated roads in Russia

Locals have been scared since a mysterious ghostly figure was seen walking along one of the world's strangest roads for months. This weird being never stopped, never ate meals or took breaks ...

This mysterious figure was spotted roaming the infamous road known as the "Road of Bones". It is located in an icy region in the far east of Russia.

Local reports tell us that this lonely figure refuses help and refuses to get into cars that stop to rescue him. She was seen walking on a road on the Kamchatka Peninsula. It passes through a multitude of abandoned villages that were once Soviet labor camps, in other words gulags.

No one saw the woman stop to take a break on this road, known as the "Road of Bones" since the skeletons of forced laborers who died during its construction were used in several foundations.

Commenting on a local article devoted to this story, one person said: “A human being could not survive without equipment and food. "

"Therefore, it is not a human being but a spiritual being who has taken on human form. "

Another added, “She's not equipped to walk this road, period. You would need a backpack with minimal supplies, as there can be several days of walking between villages. You can sleep wrapped up in a long coat, but you need some shelter. "

Local reports claim the woman was seen in the village of Khandyga in January, when locals learned she was heading for Kamchatka on Russia's east coast.

It is believed that the local police did not "pick her up because she didn't steal anything."

An article, published in an online community, describes: “A woman walks along the Kolyma Federal Road. "

“She does not contact anyone, and does not respond to the assistance offered to her to get into a car. "

However, most Internet users remain preoccupied with her life and believe that if this traveler is indeed "real", she should be helped.

Source : Daily Star, AP

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