The Story of The Real Annabelle Doll

There are many stories of haunted dolls, but the protagonists of this one, were recently staged in a movie.

It all started in the seventies when a young girl, Donna, received a doll from her mother to keep her company. Donna live in boarding school with another high school student, Angie, for her studies. If initially nothing special happens, the young student quickly notices something strange. Indeed, she finds the doll in different positions from when she left it.

A few weeks later the movements are even more important, the doll finds itself in a totally different place from where it had been placed.

A friend of theirs, a certain Lou, had a fierce hatred towards this doll, he felt bad in her presence and thought that there was something evil about the doll. The two girls didn't listen to the young man and kept the doll thinking it was just coincidence and superstition.

A little later the phenomena changed, in the apartment Donna found small pieces of parchment with "help us" written on them and also "help Lou". The strangest thing is that no one in the house the apartment was in had any parchment.

A little later, Donna, returning home, found the doll on the bed with traces of blood on her hands, the blood seemed to come from the doll's corn.

Donna decided to ask a psychic for help to find out what was going on. The latter took the doll and said that once in the place of the lodgings there was an old land and in this one found the body of a little girl of seven years, Annabelle Higgins, who had been found dead. . According to the medium, the girl's spirit would have stayed there.

The two young high school girls decided to keep the doll in the hopes of calming the mind by taking either of her.

During this time their friend Lou started having nightmares, he felt like the doll was sleeping next to him and crawling over his body. A few days later he picked up Angie to go on the road. But before they left, they heard a strange noise in Donna's room, almost like someone was breaking into the house. As they entered the bedroom they saw nothing, except that the doll was no longer on the bed, but sitting in a corner of the apartment. Lou felt at that moment a strong sensation of burning in the back and on the neck. When he took off his shirt he saw some scratch marks, for him it could only have been Annabelle who had slashed him.

Finally they asked a priest who summoned Ed of Lorraine Warren who was known at the time to investigate the paranormal.

For the Warrens, after a quick investigation, it would be a demonic presence that would be attached to the doll. They brought in a priest to exorcise the apartment. The couple took possession of the doll and took it away. On the road the steering of the car as well as the brakes began to malfunction. Ed took the doll out of the bag that contained it and poured holy water into it. Finally they were able to leave safely ...

Back home, Ed placed the doll on his desk, and it began to levitate. This phenomenon occurred several times. Eventually Annabelle began to move around different rooms again. The Warrens again asked a priest to perform an exorcism. He went to the couple's house and didn't take the story seriously saying it was just a doll and couldn't hurt anyone. On leaving the priest had a very serious car accident but he survived.

Finally the Warrens decided to put the doll in a box where it would still be there. Since then she has never been talked about again ...

Source : ufologie-paranormal

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