This Girl has X-ray Eyes

Natasha Demkina has an extraordinary gift: she can literally see through people. His story may seem like it came out of a science fiction comic, but doctors are still unable to refute his astonishing abilities. Natasha has the power to see people's bodies and correctly diagnose their medical problems, without the need for an ultrasound or an x-ray.

Natasha's mother Tatyana Vladimovna says her daughter grew up looking like a normal child, even though she was ahead for her age. Natasha learned to do everything faster than the other children; she could speak at only six months and she could recite Pushkin at one year. By the age of three, she had learned the alphabet and knew how to use a snowmobile.

At the age of ten, Natasha was hospitalized with appendicitis. The operation was followed by complications and it was discovered that cotton balls had been left in her abdomen. Natasha has a second operation to remove these tampons and a month later begins to say that she can see inside people. She tells her mother that she saw something inside her that looked like a vacuum cleaner, two beans and a tomato. Tatyana thinks she is describing her bowels, kidneys and heart although her daughter does not know the correct terms.

At the children's hospital in her hometown of Saransk in western Russia, doctors give her a battery of tests to find out if the little girl really has x-ray type vision. Natasha draws what she sees inside a doctor's stomach, marking a dark spot at the exact spot of his ulcer. She also disputes the diagnosis of a cancer patient saying that she sees only a small cyst. Extensive testing of the woman shows Natasha was right.

Natasha is now a star in Russia. She gets dozens of calls every day, and people line up outside her parents' tiny apartment to consult her. Now 17, Natasha wants to enter Moscow medical school

Source : mondeetrange

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