A beautiful cigar-shaped UFO photographed near the Sun

A strange and unidentified object was spotted as it appeared to hover above the surface of the Sun. These images left a ufologist speechless ...

This luminous UFO was found by a man posing as "Ufomania". He explains that at the time of the incident he was viewing images of the sun published on the science-based website helioviviewer.org.

He says: “I came across a giant cigar-shaped object near the crown of the sun. "

“By my calculations, this cigar-shaped vessel is 15,534 miles long and 7,456 miles wide. "

Internet user Fan Jon Doe223418 said, “There are so many objects near the Sun. Most seem to come there to eat. "

“There are so many of them that they seem to use the sun as a stargate. There are indeed many that disappear just after heading towards the sun. "

"What are they made of to be able to withstand such heat and such radiation?" They must be equipped with sacred air conditioners. "

But, HipJip C, another internet user, said the phenomenon could be caused by a "bug".

She added: “It could have been caused by a problem with the camera. The energy particles impact the camera. Cosmic rays seriously damage cameras. "

Source : Daily Star, Le nouvel ordre mondial

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