Can Ghosts Kill The Living?

Can ghosts physically harm or even kill us? It seems so. Very rare testimonies report that ghosts were able to cause injuries which ultimately resulted in death.

This article published on January 23, 1925 relates several cases of ghost killers ...


"There is a house not far from Waterloo Road in Dublin that contains a room that is periodically haunted by a particularly terrifying ghost that gives its victims such lifelike feelings of strangulation that they would certainly kill anyone with a heart. brittle.

I had an experience there several years ago. I had gone up to bed one night and had just blown out the candle when I saw, a few steps away from me and apparently near the foot of the bed, a faint luminous glow that gradually materialized until it takes the form of a tall figure, before suddenly coming straight towards me.

I tried to move, but my limbs were paralyzed; and the figure, leaning over me, took me by the throat. Pushing me back onto the pillow, she held me there until I passed out.

As I recovered from this attack, I lay there for a moment, too scared to move; and then, taking my courage in both hands that I hadn't heard or felt anything, I carefully reached out and turned on a light. The room was quite empty, the door was locked from the inside and the window closed.

A house that once carried the most sinister reputation of a very dangerous type of ghost can be found in Berkeley Square. It is rumored that in the 1970s a maid entered one of the unoccupied rooms of the house one evening and was later found there unconscious. From her subsequent delusions, it was deduced that she had seen something almost too horrible that the mind could not conceive. Indeed, his mind never recovered from the shock.

A gentleman, an absolute skeptic of the supernatural, hearing the story, was granted permission to sleep in the bedroom. The deal was that if he rang twice, he would be sent help. The eventful night arrived and the gentleman went to this terrible apartment and locked himself there; while his friends, who remained at the bottom of the house, waited.

Around midnight, or maybe a little later, the bell in the upstairs bedroom rang very violently once. There was a slight pause, then a weak attempt to ring it a second time. At this, all the listeners rushed upstairs, and, bursting into the haunted apartment, found the gentleman sitting upright on the bed, a discharged gun in one hand. He was dead !

There is another singularly spooky house near Portman Square. A few years ago a lady and her husband lived there, and, waking up one night, they heard a big clock - outside their door, apparently - slowly strike one o'clock, and after a pause strike something else and then something more.

As there was no such clock in the house, the lady and gentleman were very impressed, and the next morning a memorandum of the event - which memorandum was subsequently shown to me - was duly recorded. Not long after, while skating on an ice rink, the husband had a very singular accident, which drove him mad and eventually died in that state.

A few years later, I met the lady at the theater, and learned from her that she had again heard the clock strike one o'clock, and a gong ringing three times soon after. She seemed to think that the phenomenon foreshadowed misfortune to one of her relatives who was ill at the time, but a feeling came over me that this warning was intended for her.

I advised him to leave the house immediately, as I was sure there was a presence that bitterly resented him for being there. She hardly believed me, and two days later I learned that she had been killed in a taxi crash in Portman Square. "

Sources : Can ghost kill ?, Northern Argus, January 23, 1925

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