Ghost of Grandfather Russell: disturbing photo

The ghost photo of Grandfather Russell is one of the most enigmatic snapshots there is, so much so that it is considered today to be one of the best proofs of ghosts.

This photo, taken on August 17, 1997 in a retirement home by the young American Denise Russel, portrays her grandmother during a picnic organized by the nursing staff. But when the photos were printed, no one noticed the strange anomaly that was clearly visible.

This is the grandfather

Indeed, an old man, who looked like two drops of water like his grandfather, was standing behind his grandmother, while staring at the lens. It wasn't until three years later, on Christmas 2000, that the family discovered this incredible detail.

Indeed, it was while leafing through an old family album that Denise Russell realized that her grandfather appeared in the 1997 portrait, except that he had died thirteen years earlier.

Source: bloody-disgusting

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