The legend of The Three-Legged Lady of Mississippi

The legend of the Three-Legged Lady is one of the creepiest legends. locals have told the story of the woman and the lonely stretch of road she haunts.

According to legend, the Three-Legged Lady haunts Nash Road, Mississippi. Locals report that most sightings take place between 2661-4548 Nash Road. But the Three-Legged Lady doesn’t just haunt the area, she torments drivers by chasing their cars.

Motorists who want to see the Three-Legged Lady should stop on Nash Road, turn off the headlights, and honk the horn three times. the Three-Legged Lady knocks on the roof of the car and then races the driver to the end of the road, hitting the car with her body the entire time.

Some say the Three-Legged Lady is actually a ghost of a mother, searching for her dismembered daughter. and the third leg is all she found of her daughter. others think the phantom is a result of a satanic cult that once performed sacrifices in a nearby church.

Source : mysteriesrunsolved

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