The Story Of Edward Mordrake, The Man With Two Faces

One of the most interesting stories we have heard in recent years is that of a certain 19th century English gentleman named Edward Mordrake (or “Edward Mordake”, according to older sources), who was born with a deformity. so unusual that it led to suicide.

Although popularized in the 2000s by memes, songs, and TV shows, the story does not have a recent origin. She had already aroused the morbid interest of Victorian readers over a century ago through Gould and Pyle's book Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, published in 1896.

The story…

At the beginning of the 19th century, a baby was born into the aristocratic Mordrake - or Mortdrake family. The little boy, Edward, was the heir to one of the noblest families in England, and was brought up with all the privileges of high society.

As a child, the story goes that Edward was a charming and gentle nature, and growing up he was educated and intelligent, and a very talented musician.

But, although the handsome young man seemed to have all that a well-to-do family and a good education could provide, he was also secretly troubled.

A rare disorder

The reason for this disorder was that Edward was apparently born with a second face on the back of his head, a congenital condition known in medicine as diprosopy ("two faces"), or cranofacial duplication. An extremely rare disease where parts or the whole of the face are duplicated on the patient's head.

Although Edward was said to be handsome when seen from the front, the second face was apparently ugly, evil and twisted. Some versions of the story say that the second face had its own malignant intelligence - that the eyes followed people and the lips moved silently. In other versions, the second face was that of a beautiful girl.

According to the story, the second face seemed to take pleasure in Edward's distress about his condition. The story also says that the face could not eat or speak, but it could laugh and cry.

Source : fredzone

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