Top-secret Project Aurora's blue triangular ship spotted in NASA photos!

Date of sighting: January 31, 2019

Location of observation: In orbit around the Earth

NASA source

Scott C. Waring: This is a blue triangular UFO that I found in the archives of the STS-052 shuttle mission. This happened in November 1992. This triangular UFO reminds me of the same blue triangle as in the UK which was a top secret USAF project called The Aurora Project. Looks like in 1992 this top secret ship was still flying all over the place.

The legend of Aurora began in March 1990, when Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine announced that the term “Aurora” had inadvertently been included in the 1985 US budget, for $ 455 million to “produce a black airplane” in 1987. According to Aviation Week & Space Technology, Project Aurora referred to a group of exotic planes, not a specific airframe. Funding for the project was estimated to have reached $ 2.3 billion in fiscal year 1987, according to a 1986 procurement document obtained by Aviation Week. The blue triangular object has been seen repeatedly over the UK for several years, always near a US military base.

Project Aurora was a triangular ship that glows blue and was built with an alien propulsion system. Yes it works, yes it is real, yes it can reach up to a quarter the speed of light.

Source: UFO Sightings Daily

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